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Arabian Virtual Academy

Arabian Virtual Academy (AVA) is a program of South Madison Community School Corporation that offers rigorous, state accredited, online courses. The SMCSC School Board maintains that face to face instruction remains irreplaceable; however, some students need choices and flexibility to meet their educational goals. South Madison Community Schools is proud to provide the Arabian Virtual Academy as an option for our students.

Admission to AVA is contingent upon an eligibility screening. This screening includes, but is not limited to: previously earned grades, previously attempted online courses, student motivation, student recommendations, student needs, and student behavior. SMCSC Schools reserves the right to deny admission and access to AVA Academy.

Participating in SMCSC Schools’ Arabian Virtual Academy means:

  • You are enrolled in two or more online courses off campus.

  • You work independently and are responsible for completing all assignments and tasks.

  • You spend an average of 60 minutes per subject, per day working online. 

  • You arrange to come on campus for any mandatory, proctored exams, to meet with counselors and take all required state exams

  • The student must utilize school provided email for all electronic communication.

  • Your parent or guardian must provide a valid email address. 

  • Arabian Virtual Academy’s courses can be used for on-campus courses at Pendleton Heights High School at the Principal’s discretion and are subject to Pendleton Heights High School policies and procedures.

Admission Application Procedure and Approval Process:

  1. Student meets with PHHS Counselor and completes online application

  2. Counselor reviews application and makes recommendation to the Principal.

  3. Assistant Principal reviews application and makes recommendation to the Principal

  4. Principal reviews application along with Counselor and Assistant Principal recommendation and makes final approval decision. 

  5. Student and Online Coordinator are informed of approval decision. 

SMCSC Schools reserves the right to restrict access and admission to any student.

Entrance or denial to the Arabian Virtual Academy will be based upon what is in the best interest of the student.

AVA Application

For more information contact your school counselor